Covid 19


Rules and Working Practices for Covid 19 and variants etc


1. Keys for arrival will be left in a location for you to pick up and they should be left in the same place on leaving - you should not arrive prior to 4 pm and leave by 10 am to avoid having contact with staff members etc.

2.We may ask guests to strip and bag up the bed linen on leaving and put in the laundry bags provided - we will provide protectors on the beds and pillows these should be left on the bed on leaving

3.Toilet rolls will not be provided

4.All unnecessary furniture , ornaments , cushions etc will be removed from the cottages.

5.No other people other than the guests named at booking as staying at the property should come to the cottage. Guests staying at the cottage/s should not invite/accept other people to visit the cottage or the cottage gardens or grounds.

6.Any bedrooms not required will be locked.

7.All areas to be cleaned and rubbish taken out to the bins on leaving by the guests.

8.Social distancing must be observed and respected at all times whilst on site, or whatever government advice is in place at the time of the visit.

9.Any issues needing a maintenance visit to be arranged when guests are out of the property where possible (unless an emergency)

10.Agree that you may be asked to leave if not sticking to rules and may be asked for a deposit  – not refundable if rules are broken.

11.Respect other guests in relation to covid 19 rules - you agree to leave if you do not stick to these with no refund.

12.If there are any maintenance issues during your stay we require that it is dealt with when you are out. If not possible we request you stay in another room whilst fixing the problem. You agree that non urgent issues may be left until cottage booking has ended - such as if there are 2 bathrooms and one still works then this may wait until visit has ended

13. Only one household may stay at the cottage, unless agreed to by the owners and subject to government rules. We reserve the right to limit the number of households staying at any cottage regardless of government advice.

14.Anybody who is exhibiting symptoms or who has any reason to believe they may have come into contact with the virus up to 14 days prior to their booking must follow the Government instruction to self-isolate, and follow NHS guidelines. Therefore not arrive at the accommodation.


Guests that are already staying the accommodation that show any symptoms must notify us immediately and vacate the accommodation to self-isolate at home.


Anybody in one of the vulnerable groups identified by the government should follow government advice, they can contact us for help and advice with their booking.


15.Insurance should be considered / taken out to ensure you can reclaim your costs in the event of you having to cancel or leave during your stay as there will be no refunds unless their is a government lock-down which prevents you from staying.Should this be during your stay a refund will be issued for the number of days remaining or a full refund if it prevents you from arriving on your arrival date.

16.A bottle of hand sanitizer and soap will be provided as well as a supply of spray cleaner , detergent etc - please bring anything else you may need with you.

17.Please see our normal terms and conditions which work in conjunction with these.

18.You agree to not exceed the maximum number of households per property limit as required by government policy and notify us if you exceed the permitted number allowed prior to your stay.

19.You will provide the names and addresses of all occupants staying prior to arrival and not change these.

These rules may and will be updated as necessary and you agree to abide by any new rules necessary or advised by government etc.In the event you do not stick to any government policy relating to covid19 or variants you agree to leave and will not be entitled to any refund or compensation. The word Covid 19 includes any variants etc.